Victorinox Serrated Edge Tomato Knife (4.25 Inch Wavy Serrated Blade) Black Polypropylene Handle 6.7863 (Old Sku 499779)

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This classic cheese knife is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen! Its serrated edge is perfect for cutting through tough skins on tomatoes, slicing sausage, and cutting cheese, while its forked tip allows you to lift and move the food item with ease. Great for a variety of cutting tasks, this versatile knife is the perfect addition to any Kitchen.

Forked Tip: This knife allows you to pierce and spear slices of tomato, cheese, and sausage after slicing, allowing you to lift and move them on to a presentation board for maximum efficiency. This is also great for sanitary purposes because your prep cook or bartender does not need to use their bare hands. It also saves time by allowing them to use the same utensil to cut and serve the food item.

Versatile Design: Designed to effortlessly cut fruits and vegetables, this knife is perfect to use for garnishing Moscow Mules, daiquiris, or your own signature concoctions. However, this multi-functional knife is also great for slicing through tough skins on tomatoes, as well as cutting and serving cheese and sausage. Whether you need it behind your bar or in your kitchen, this knife will get the job done!

High-Carbon Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, this knife's blade is built strong and will provide you with smooth, accurate slices. The high-quality blade won't even discolor or corrode over time.

Durable Polypropylene Handle: Featuring a durable, hygienic polypropylene handle, this knife is simple to clean and is contoured to make it more ergonomic for long periods of use.

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