Stealth Tactical Concealed Push Dagger Weapon Set (Super Tough 2.5 Inch 100% Non-Metallic Polymer Double-Edge Blade) 3 Pack Set STEALTH3PK

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STEALTH 3 PACK: Stealth Concealed Push Dagger Weapon Set (Knives Only, No Sheath)

These non-metallic weapons are capable of surreptitiously slipping through security, yet they are stout enough to inflict serious impairment to those looking to harm us.

These Stealth covert push daggers (sold in a pack of 3) are lightweight, inconspicuous and superb for carrying concealed. Each push dagger in this weapon set is 100% Non-metallic and 100% non-detectible by handheld Garrett scanners. These knives are made from super-strong fiberglass reinforced plastic, UV and heat stabilized, making them impervious to the elements.

These Polymer knives will never rust, warp, crack or split even in the most extreme environments! Moreover, because they are polymer composite knives they are light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere on ones person making them imperceptible and unobservable. These Glass Filled Plastic knives can be worn on the belt, strapped onto a leg or arm, or simply carried in a purse or pocket.

When carried concealed, these Stealth combat push daggers are great as a last line of defense. For those who need a sterile weapon with no markings rest assured that these tactical push daggers are 100% sterile.  There are no markings or origin sources anywhere on these polymer knives. An optional black horizontal carry polycarbonate belt sheath is sold separately.


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