Covert Horizontal Belt Sheath for Stealth Tactical Push Dagger (Knife Sold Separately) CSSK92FPB

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When seconds matter in self-defense situations you need to have a high-speed setup. We've finally got a sheath that will enable you to covertly carry the Stealth Tactical Push Dagger, Cold Steel FGX Push Blade II and the Sticker Push Dagger horizontally on the belt for lightning fast deployment.

This sheath is 100% plastic so it will not register on metal detectors. Sheath holds the Push Dagger solid and secure. There is no rattle and it fits so snug that it will not fall out. This is an ultra lightweight setup with the sheath weighing in at only 1.2 ounces, which will make your covert setup one of the lightest and fastest on the planet. When the situation demands a knife.... count on OsoGrandeKnives to deliver the goods.