Nemesis Ti-Card II Titanium Credit Card Size Last Ditch Tool (Sharpened Corner Cutting Edge + Bottle Opener) 3.25 Inch Overall NE3B (Old Sku NK-3B)

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"The last ditch tool you'll always have with you..."

Slightly thicker than a credit card, the Nemesis Knives Ti-Card is made in the U.S.A. from a strong, lightweight Titanium alloy.

The brightly anodized finish and laser etched artwork show the quality and attention to detail consumers expect from us.

When glancing in ones wallet, the Ti-Card looks like a genuine credit card. It's slightly reduced dimensions, though, minimize the risk of damage to the owner's purse or wallet.

While providing a sharp edge for emergency or only occasional use, the Ti-Card should not affect the magnetic information strips on nearby credit cards.

Although titanium is non-magnetic, the Ti-Card will show up on metal detectors at airports so don't forget to remove it before traveling or it will be confiscated.