EOS Card Ti Flame Titanium Credit Card Size Disaster Tool Knife (Sharpened Corner Cutting Edge + Bottle Opener + Spanners) 3.25 Inch Overall EOSCARDF

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This Crisis Knife Card compliments the EOS wallet to perfection. The EOS knife card is sized for easy pocket or wallet carry and CNC machined from solid titanium with a flamed finish. Whether you need to open your favorite beverage, tighten some loose bolts, or open an over-taped package, you will never run out of uses for this awesome tool! It features two semi-sharpened edges, one plain and one toothed/serrated, for light cutting tasks. The EOS Knife Card is CNC machined from .080 inch thick grade 5 titanium and includes 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" wrenches, as well as a bottle opener, lanyard slot, and sharpened edge (serrated and plain edges). Two large finger holes provide a secure grip during use. This urban survival tool is available with EOS' signature Flame Treat anodized or a Raw stonewashed finish.

Although titanium is non-magnetic, this titanium credit card knife will trigger metal detectors at airports so don't forget to remove it before traveling or it will be confiscated.