Boker Plus Large Strike Button Lock Knife (3.60 Inch Black D2 Tool Steel Plain Blade) Black Grivory Handle + Nylon Zippered Storage Case BOP06EX900

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The fully grown Boker Plus Strike Large rounds off Boker's wide range of automatic knives as a robust switchblade knife for everyday use or for the field. The slim, ergonomically shaped handle builds on solid steel plates, which are fitted with non-slip milled scales made of black Grivory. The modern synthetic material scores with uncompromising strength and high resilience combined with low weight. Deep jimpings in the distinctive thumb recess also support safe handling. Thanks to the neatly locking sliding lock, the closed blade can be additionally locked and accidental release prevented. Pressing the button lock releases the blade, which then folds up automatically due to the tension of the spring behind it. The drop-point blade is made of D2 and has a black powder coating to complete the tactical look. On the back is a convertible clip (tip-up/tip-down), while the lanyard hole further increases the carrying options. Supplied with a high-quality nylon case for storage.