Handmade Universal Leather IWB Dagger Sheath for Small Fixed Blades (Designed for Inside the Waist Band Carry) VZSHEATHEXECIWB

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This custom handmade, 100% non-metallic, leather sheath is designed for concealed inside the waist band carry of small fixed blade daggers and spikes. This belt sheath can be worn vertically either inside the waist band (IWB concealed carry method) or outside the waist band (traditional carry method).

This universal IWB knife sheath has been tested and fits the following covert non-metallic knives: All VZ Executive Daggers (VZEXECB), Cold Steel Delta Dart (CS92DD), Cold Steel Jungle Dart (CS92FJD), Kershaw Project Atom Knife (KS1399), and the CIA Sticker Covert Dagger (M4257). This knife sheath also fits most small fixed dagger knives with up to a 2.50 inch blade length. Made in U.S.A.


Knife not included!