Cold Steel 90TA Trail Boss Axe (6.5 Inch Drop Forged 1055HC Head) 27 Inch American Hickory Handle

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Cold Steel 90TA Trail Boss. The Trail Boss is light and compact enough to carry all day in your hand or strapped to your pack, yet heavy and tough enough for chores that would make a hatchet or tomahawk scream for mercy. Featuring a European style head with a 4" blade and a 4 1/2" cutting edge, it takes a big bite with every swing. Plus, it features a very stout straight-grained Hickory handle.

Extensively field-tested by Lynn C. Thompson on a month long hunting trip in the outback of Australia, the Trail Boss was really put to the test. He used it to chop kindling, clear roads and trails, to build blinds and even to chop down a fair sized Gidgee Tree (one of the hardest woods found down under).

The Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe/Hatchet features a 6.5 inch hawk length, and 4.5 inch primary edge made of drop forged 1055 Carbon Steel. It's cutting edge is differentially heat treated. straight grained American hickory which is unsurpassed for absorbing the shock of hard chopping. Weight: 2 Lbs 9.5 ounces.