Gerber Multi-Plier MP600 Bluntnose Multi-Tool w/ Carbide Cutter Inserts (5.1 Inch Closed) Satin Finish + Toolkit + Nylon Sheath 07510G

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Gerber 07510G MP 600 Multi-Plier Blunt nose w/ Carbide Cutter Inserts, w/ Toolkit, Satin Finish. The Gerber MP600 Bluntnose w/ Carbide Cutter Inserts version combines finesse with a rugged toughness to satisfy your daily needs. With the SAF-T-PLUS™ System, each component opens independently of any other, locks tightly against a positive stop rollbar and stays tight until you unlock it. Use it for every situation: construction, travel, home, all purpose kit, camping/hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.

This Gerber Blunt Nose MP600 comes with a seven piece tool kit. The bit adapter slips over the crosspoint screwdriver, and allows you to use the remaining 6 bits. In addition to the tool kit this multiplier comes loaded with at least 14 other components. Inside the plier jaws are interchangeable, indexable carbide cutters.

Gerber's Multi-Plier 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available. All Multi-Plier 600 series tools have: