Gerber Gator Exchange-A-Blade Saw (Interchangeable 6.65 Inch Coarse/Wood + Fine/Bone Saw Blades) Black Gator Grip Handle + Black Nylon Sheath 22-41457

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Gerber 22-41457 Gator Exchange-A-Blade Saw, 2 Blades, Black Sheath. Stronger, tougher, beefier. The new Gator Exchange-A-Blade Saw is an update of our classic. The solid stainless steel blade channel with overmolded Gator grip is ready to handle the messiest of outdoor cutting projects. Improved blade exchange makes it easy for you to swap out your saw blade to fit the application at hand. Designed as a pull saw it cuts with 1/3 the effort of other saws. The coarse saw is specifically designed to cut through wood quickly and easily. The fine saw blade is perfect for harder wood or cleaning large game.