Gerber Bonfire Blaze Lantern (White/Night Vision Red LED) Charcoal Body 22-80051

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Gerber 22-80051 Bonfire Blaze Lantern, White/Red LED, Charcoal Body. The Gerber Bonfire Blaze is the next generation of Gerber's efficient Bonfire lantern, and is designed to make obsolete those hazardous, wax dripping, noxious fume-emitting candle lanterns and fuel lamps of the past -- and put to shame incandescent battery-powered lanterns. The Blaze offers two settings from its high-powered, indestructible L.E.D. bulbs: night vision red and bright white. The Bonfire Blaze generates up to 150 hours of burn time from a single pair of AA batteries. Equipped with hanging lanyard and batteries.

Technical Specs: Dual spectrum circuitry operates the one night vision red L.E.D. bulb and two bright white L.E.D. bulbs. Illuminates up to 25'. Water-resistant Polycarbonate housing. Weight: 4.7 oz.