Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Folding Saw (Interchangeable Coarse + Medium Blades) GRN Handle + Black Nylon Sheath 46036

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Gerber 46036 Exchange-A-Blade Saw, 2 blade fine & course tooth, case. The Exchange-a-Blade Sport Saw has interchangeable blades that solidly lock into place when rotated out for use. Gerber currently offers two blades for the Exchange-a-Blade Sport Saw, allowing for greater versatility than other folding saws on the market.

The standard blade is a razor sharp wood cutting blade, requiring 30%-35% less effort for the same work performed by other folding saws. The other blade has fine teeth for more precise cutting tasks such as grafting tree limbs, sawing plastic, or cutting through bone. The exchangeable blade system is superior to single blade folding saws. If a blade breaks or goes dull, it can be exchanged rather than replace the whole saw. By carrying different blades and only one handle, space and weight can be saved. Also, Gerber will offer other blades in the future, further increasing the utility of the Exchange-a-Blade Sport Saw.

The handle is made of fiberglass filled Polyester resin. This provides superior strength, yet makes the saw amazingly lightweight. The entire saw with one blade weighs, only 6 ounces. Designed for comfort during use, the sides of the handle have Kraton® rubber inserts with Gerber's Gator® texture. Aside from comfort, these inserts provide a secure grip on the saw even if the user's hands are wet, making the saw easier and safer to work with.

Length Open: 14.5", Blade length: 6.250", 6.0 oz., Blade material: Stainless steel, Handle material: Glass Filled ABS Handle.