GATCO M.C.S. Military Compact Carbide Pocket Sharpener 40006

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GATCO 40006 M.C.S. Military Carbide Sharpener. Sharpening knives with an M.C.S. Carbide Sharpener is as easy as 1-2-3. Carbide is strong with a hard cutting surface. Its extreme hardness makes it a popular choice in the manufacture of cutting tools, abrasives and knives. Carbide cutting and sharpening tools can be a less costly and more heat-resistant alternative to diamond. In the military, carbide is often used in armor-piercing ammunition! GATCO carbide sharpeners are versatile tools for all sizes of plain-edge kitchen, sport and utility cutlery.



  1. Lay sharpener on a flat surface with tip of knife facing away. Place cutting edge of knife in carbide V groove. Keep cutting edge perpendicular to table at all times.
  2. Draw knife completely through the carbides in one steady motion. Use light pressure.
  3. Check edge - repeat if necessary.