Lansky Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Multi-Purpose Sharpener (9.25 Inches Overall) LGRDN LS31

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Lansky LGRDN Garden/Lawnmower Sharpener. This Garden Tool has a specially designed shape for the easiest sharpening of all your garden tools, including the blades of gas-powered and electric lawn mowers. 9 1/4 inch sharpening tool specifically designed for flat and curved surfaces. Ideal sharpener for mower blades, axes, hatchets and all garden tools.

This Lawn and Garden Tool sharpener offers flat and curved surfaces to make it easy to restore like new performance to lawn mower blades, shovells and spades, hoes, sickles and scythes, machetes and other cutting and digging tools. The special design of this sharpener minimizes fatigue and enhances user comfort. Quickly removes dents and knicks that result from hitting rocks, stones and concrete.