Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante 3 Lockback Folding Knife (3.125 Inch VG10 Satin Plain Blade) Black FRN Grooved Handle

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If you move in custom knife industry circles and/or attend knife shows you will have heard of Frank Centofante. In addition to being a celebrated and longtime custom knifemaker Frank is a past President of the Knifemaker's Guild, a strong voice in the cutlery world and a revered and respected craftsman. Collaborating on knife designs with him is something Spyderco has been fortunate enough to do several times. Our latest offering is the Centofante 3 gentleman's folder.

The Centofante 3 has a thin-profiled, lightweight FRN handle. Two channels are furrowed out of the handle for better grip and a Palladium silver Spyderco bug is inlayed into its surface. For added security and convenience the back-lock is positioned midway on the spine and David Boye Dent is cut from the locking lever. The VG-10 blade has both a hollow-grind and swedge-grind with non-sharpened spine serrations (jimping) to hold the thumb steady when cutting. A black steel pocket clip positions for tip-up/down, right-hand carry. What positions the Native as a winner in ergonomic measurement is its two finger indents. The first, closest to the blade, positions the index finger for choking up and controlling the cutting edge. The second indent holds the middle section of your hand on the handle so it cuts/handles like a high-performance sports car - smooth, controlled, effortlessly. The spear-point shaped blade is VG-10, flat-ground and available in a PlainEdge with a weight reducing swedge grind at the spine. The carbon fiber handle houses full skeletonized internal liners and a mid-positioned backlock.