SOG Kilowatt Contractor/Electrician Knife (3.40 Inch AUS-8 Satin Plain Blade) Black GFN Handle + Wire Stripper EL-01

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Get charged up with the Kilowatt, the first working theme electricians knife designed for the electrician, homeowner, contractor, or anyone who might need to strip wire in a pinch. Three separate systems address wire from fine multi strand all the way up to cable. There is a stripper bar for wire sizes of 12-24, an adjustable spring-loaded UPT/wire stripper in the back, and just in case, our patent pending hole stripper that uses the main blade. Schematic grips, hi voltage tower clip, insulator thumb stud, blade with receptacle engraving are signatures that make this a very unique liner lock knife. Without the Kilowatt, you just might end up in the dark!

Cryogenic Heat Treatment. SOG's unique cryogenic heat treatment process increases the toughness and wear resistance of our blades. Taking the knife slowly down in temperature to less than -300 degrees and then back to room temperature. This stress relieves the material on an atomic level and increases overall strength as well as edge retention. Knife edges stay sharp longer with significantly less micro-fracturing and edge-chipping. It's this dedication to making your knife SOG sharp that sets us apart from the rest.