Smith & Wesson Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Fixed (7.80 Inch Sawback Satin Plain Blade) Green Nylon Fiber Handle | Nylon Sheath SW3G

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Smith & Wesson 3G Special Ops M-9 Bayonet, Green Nylon Fiber Handle, Satin Saw Top, PlainEdge. This Smith & Wesson Special Ops M9 bayonet knife features a 7.8" 400 series stainless steel blade with a cutout to fit to the wire cutter aparatus on the sheath. The blade also offers milled saw teeth. The handle locks into standard bayonet lugs which the guard slides over your barrel. Has clearance for common size flash suppressors. Includes nylon sheath with wire cutter attachment, and sharpening stone. Fits standard NATO standard M16 type rifle. 12.80" overall