Smith & Wesson FRS First Response Rescue Folding Knife (3.25 Inch Drop Point Bead Blasted Combo Blade) Stainless Handle w/ G10 Inserts + Strap Cutter + Window Breaker SWFRS

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Smith & Wesson FRS First Response, Stainless Handle - G10 Inserts, Satin Finish, ComboEdge. The Smith and Wesson First Response Folding Knife and Seat Belt Cutter combines all the features you need in an emergency safety tool. It has a drop point 3.25" blade that can cut through most anything. It also has a seatbelt cutter on the base of the handle--just slide the seatblet into the slot and pull. It also has a glass breaker on the base of the handle. The ergonomic stainless steel handle has black G10 inlays. This knife is great for EMT's, Rescue workers or anyone else who may encounter an accident. Perfect to keep in a glove compartment, pocket, or purse in case of emergency.