Smith & Wesson Handcuff Key (Extra Security Back Pin for Double Locking Cuffs) Standard Issue Law Enforcement Universal Handcuff Key SWKEY104

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This high-quality universal handcuff key is made to open most all U.S. made handcuffs that use a standard handcuff key. This is a well made key that opens double locking handcuffs. It is a must have item for your personal pocket survival kit because universal handcuff keys can be easily carried on key-rings, necklaces or hidden into pockets throughout your gear. Carry it in your watch pocket or somewhere where it will not be discovered.

This universal handcuff key will open Peerless, Smith & Wesson, ASP, Hiatt, CTS, and Chicago Handcuffs. The American universal handcuff key is constructed of nickel-plated steel for strength and durability.