TOPS Knives ATAX Hand Axe Knife (4.5 Inch 1095HC Black Blade) Micarta Handle + Kydex Sheath + DVD TPATAX01

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The TOPS Knives ATAX-01 ATAX Knife, designed by Ron Hood, features a 4.5 inch blade of 1095 High Carbon Alloy hardened to RC 58. Overall length: 5.5 inches, Blade color: Tactical Black. Handle material: Black Linen Micarta. Includes custom form fitted Kydex belt carry sheath. All hand finished. Made in USA.

It's an AX, A Knife, A Skinner, A Wire Cutter, A Range Finder, A Compass, An Inclinometer, A Clock, A Wrench, A Hammer, A Rescue Tool, A Survival Kit Holder, A Fire Bow Bearing, An Arrow Launcher, A Field Level.

Includes instructional DVD by Ron Hood which shows how to use this versital survival tool.