TOPS Knives Stryker Defender Tool Knife Fixed (5.5 Inch 1095HC Black Blade w/ Saw Teeth on Spine) Gray RMT Micarta Handle + Nylon Sheath DEFT01

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TOPS DEFT01 Stryker Defender Tool. Built for the battlefield, TOPS has manufactured the ideal blade worthy of the Stryker soldiers themselves. This tool will dig, saw, cut pry, snap wire and be fully functional wet or dry ... just what the Strykers themselves demand.

TOPS used their Rocky Mountain Tread Grip textured micarta which is impervious to oil and moisture and provides a firm grip wet or dry; with bare or gloved hands. As a user option in a survival situation, the removal of three screws in the handle allows the user to take off the grips and wrap the butt with 550 cord, giving the user up to 25 feet of useful cord.

The blade utilizes 1095 carbon steel, a time-proven material for combat and utility knives, well known for its ability to take a beating in the field. TOPS wants their knives to be used for a lifetime and the 1095 steel can be resharpened frequently.

The 1/4-inch spine of the blade features a very deep sawtooth pattern cut deeply into the steel. Getting through the toughest obstacle is no problem for this knife. The cutting edge is beveled with serrations just behind the 2-inch forward strike zone for slicing any kind of rope or strapping. The spine of the knife has a 3/8-inch-thick false edge. A fully sharpened false edge would have disallowed the strength needed for tip prying, a very common use during breaching or during combat situations. Also includes ballistic nylon sheath and extra pocket for sharpener.