TOPS Knives Delta Unit 3 Tactical Knife Fixed (3.0 Inch 1095HC Gray Hunter Point Plain Clip Point Blade) Blue/Black G10 Handle + Kydex Sheath DEUT03

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Tested in the field and by outdoorsmen throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Delta Unit 3 is one tough knife.

Forward of friendly lines and deep in the mountain passes where the Taliban are laid in deep, is where you'll find the likes of men carrying the Delta Unit 3. When it comes down to either your life or his, you know you've got the leveler, and the decision is yours. The reality is clear. You are prepared for the action. The military's new concept of fast moving, small unit operations, embedded with their counterparts, are empowered by individuals with skills that most do not have. They are the few, willing to take risks most will not. They are more disciplined, and more dedicated. These men set out to dominate, eliminate, and control.

The mission before the man. Since the inception of TOPS Knives in early 1998, some of these individuals from small specialized units, have contacted us for direct support by making the right tool for the right job (design by requirements). Whether Covert Missions or day to day operations, TOPS' collaboration with the units produces not what we think they need, but what they actually need. When the mission is complete and the need for secrecy abates, TOPS can then put the feel of success in the hands of those that can and do appreciate a great tool, with or without a mission. The Delta Unit 3 has in addition to its activities in the field, undergone extensive testing and use by outdoorsmen throughout the Rocky Mountains. A characteristically short, strong knife built by purpose and need with a limited 3" blade and a solid thickness of 1/4" solid steel. Tough now... Cause there ain't no tomorrow.