TOPS Knives Desert Fox Knife Fixed (3.0 Inch 1095HC Gray Plain Blade) Desert Tan Paracord Wrapped Handle + Kydex Sheath DFOX01

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TOPS DFOX01 Desert Fox. The TOPS Knives Desert Fox is a stout knife with a thick build and adventurous design. The name of the Desert Fox knife has two-fold significance. First, the famous World War II German field marshall Erwin Rommel was known as the 'Desert Fox' and highly regarded by Americans and Allies for his skilled desert warfare in northern Africa and for being chivalrous and humane. The Desert Fox is also aptly named after the fox, a carnivorous animal whose coloring allows it to blend in to desert surroundings and whose size, like the knife is smaller and just as much a survivor as the knife it is named after.