TOPS Knives Dawn Warrior Combat Survival Knife Fixed (5.5 Inch 1095HC Black Plain Blade) Black Micarta Handle + Kydex Sheath DW33

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TOPS DW33 Dawn Warrior. Noted writer Jerry Van Cook, wrote in Tactical Knives Magazine: "Tactical Operational Knives (TOPS) have a distinctive look about them. When you see one, you immediately know it's from TOPS because their very essence shouts "ALL ABOUT BUSINESS."

On a trip to the the Peruvian Amazon, Jerry carried the Dawn Warrior and wrote: "La Selva (THE JUNGLE),however, was a real proving ground. The Dawn Warrior was my only blade and it was constantly wet with a combination of rain, humidity and human perspiration. It cut everything from paracord, rope and vines to the sleeves off of two long sleeved T-shirts. Upon Jerry's' return from the jungle, he called TOPS and said "I think it might be even better suited for self defense" and so the story went on.