TOPS Knives Mini Pry Knife Fixed (3.5 Inch Chisel Point Black Combo Blade) Gray Micarta Handle + Nylon Sheath MPK-01

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At 3/8" thick, this full-tang blade made of 5160 spring steel, with Black Linen Micarta pistol-grip handles is one tough tool. It was designed upon request from a group of LEOs, many of whom do 'High-Risk Warrants' and 'Fugitive Recovery'. The request was not for a team tool, but for individual carry. A smaller pry knife, to be carried close to the body, and when in the sheath, not easily distinguishable from something like a multi-tool.

It is used to open windows, secure doors, break glass, open containers, and of course a tool of last resort. For: SWAT, Firefighters, Emergency Services, Patrol Officers, Search and Rescue, Military Field OPS

The TOPS MINI PRY Knife is a exceptionally strong tool with a full-tang chisel ground 5160 steel blade that is over 3/8" thick! The Mini Pry Knife isn't going to win a beauty contest, but for the professional this is a knife that will get the job done. The Micarta handle has finger grooves for extreme grip strength. Includes a nylon carry sheath.