TOPS Knives Pry-Probe-Punch Survival Tool + Folding Metal Saw + Offset Screwdriver PPP01

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This very effective tool is not made to look pretty. The finish is very rough as are the edges because it is forged. It is a working tool and acts as such. It is truly strong with a 1/2" center bar and does its job very well. It is a hard core SOB!

Important notes: Read before using! The PPP-01 is designed to be a multipurpose emergency tool. As such, it will be a good combination tool for prying, probing and as a punch. In reality, to accommodate each individual purpose from a metallurgical stand point, the metal cannot be too hard to be used effectively as a small pry-bar. Inversely if it is too soft it will not punch tempered glass effectively. Keeping these requirements in mind, the PPP is designed to handle all the tasks in an emergency situation. Repeated use of the punch on tempered glass, may slightly dull the point. This tip can be easily restored/touched up with a metal file to restore its effectiveness.This tool, just like a knife, will require occasional minor maintenance.The primary purpose of the tool is for emergency usage.

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Includes a nylon carrying pouch.