TOPS Knives Prather War Bowie Fixed (7.8 Inch 1095HC Black Plain Clip Point Blade) Micarta Handle + Black Nylon Sheath PWB01

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The Prather War Bowie from TOPS Knives is Jeff's ideal blade design based on his twenty five years of real world experience both here and abroad. The knife features a classic sweep and forward balance point to naturally facilitate cutting and chopping. The unique dropped blade forms an integral safety guard that makes it impossible for the operator's fingers to accidentally slide forward and be cut while stabbing with forward or reverse grips. Thumb grooves on the spine add extra control for fine cuts. A sharpening groove at the base of the edge eases sharpening in the field. The Prather War Bowie's false edge delivers superior penetration when thrusting. TOPS Knives' patented micarta Rocky Mountain tread grip slab handles offers the ideal combat hold.

The War Bowie comes with a custom black nylon tactical sheath, featuring a sharpening stone pocket, plus a free Lansky sharpener and emergency whistle!

The War Bowie was designed by former 7th Special Forces, DEA Special Agent, DIA Intelligence Officer, and Bujinkan martial arts master Jeff Prather. Jeff also founded Warriorschool, a tactical training academy that specializes in preparing discreet government agencies and specialized military units for hostile overseas environments.