TOPS Knives Ranger Bootlegger Knife Fixed (5.0 Inch 1095HC Black Plain Blade) G10 Handle + Nylon Sheath RBL-01

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TOPS Knives Ranger Bootlegger knife is made with respect and admiration for the US ARMY RANGERS. The American Ranger has a history that is a long and colorful saga of courage, daring and outstanding leadership with their motto being "Rangers lead the way" they are considered an elite light infantry and special ops group, raids, rescue, CQB, sniper and recovery operations. A long standing heritage and tradition dating back to Roger's Rangers, during America's colonial period with specialized skills they are flexible highly trained and use rapid deployment against conventional and special ops targets. Their training is incredibly tough and they are considered to be... hard to the core. TOPS Knives did use the input and evaluation of several old Rangers to develop their line of Ranger oriented knives. Rangers... We Salute You...!