TOPS Knives Jerry VanCook Special Assault Weapon SAW Tanto Knife Fixed (3.5 Inch 1095HC Black Combo Blade) Black G10 Handle + Kydex Sheath SAW02

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SAW reporting for duty!

In an article written by Al Pickles (32 year veteran law enforcement), in the magazine "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement" Oct 2006 he said:

"The TOPS 'SAW' came out as a new TOPS working knife, particularly well suited for the law enforcement community. It is definitely suitable for the working police officer. I might also add 'The male or Female' since so many young women have chosen the profession since the long ago years when I wore the badge". This knife was designed by famed undercover operator Jerry Van Cook.

Cops Trust... TOPS... 'Cause They're Hard To The Core!