MaxPedition 422B Lunada Gearslinger Bag, Black

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MaxPedition 422B Lunada Gearslinger Bag, Black. The Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger is a "step up" in size from Maxpeditions bestselling Remora Gearslinger. A longer, padded ambidextrous shoulder strap provides more comfort for carrying heavier loads while an additional retention cross strap (also ambidextrous) prevents this Maxpedition pack from swinging around during rapid movement. This is Maxpedition's most advanced Gearslinger design to date.

The Lunada strikes a nice balance between size and utility making it a great choice for every day carry. It is technology friendly and should happily house your iPad or small-sized netbook. As expected, there are provisions for stashing your concealed carry weapon. Internal loop fields inside and modular webbing outside allow for the addition of other Maxpediton gear like their Admin Pouch or Fatty Pocket Organizer (sold separately).

The Maxpedition Gearslinger series is Maxpeditions premium line of single shoulder packs that bridge the design and functional gap between their classic double shoulder strap packs and Maxpeditions uniquely innovative Versipacks. The single shoulder design allows faster on-and-off, particularly over your LBV (Load Bearing Vest) or body armor and are superior to normal backpacks in terms of balance and comfort when using a single strap.

While there are other "messenger" bags on the market, Maxpedition back packs promise much more durable products with all the bells and whistles needed for life on the battlefield or in everyday urban use. You can expect the Maxpedition quality and "thoughtfulness" you have come to depend upon and love.

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