MaxPedition Noatak Gearslinger Pack Black 434B

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MaxPedition 434B Noatak Gearslinger, Black. The Maxpedition NOATAK™ is the latest addition to the Maxpedition Gearslinger lineup. Like the Sitka and Kodiak, this pack is designed to be worn on the back and rotates 270 degrees towards the front of the body for easy access to contents, a feature that is particularly useful when the pack is worn while sitting down. Exterior modular webbing allows attachment of various pouches while internal loop fields facilitate concealed carry.

The Notak will work for those who wish to carry concealed thanks to the built in loop field in the rear compartment. If you have other provisions for carrying your handgun then the rear compartment is the ideal place to house a 50oz hydration bladder. Should you prefer a combo CCW and hydration setup then take advantage of the 32oz/1L bottle holder (think Nalgene bottle).

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