MaxPedition 1412K Double Magazine Pouch-Multi-Tool-Knife Sheath (Khaki) Holds Full-Size Glock Mags MX1412K

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MaxPedition 1412K Double Sheath, Khaki. Maxpedition's Double Sheath is a durable double sheath that has two compartments for carrying extra flashlights, cellular phones, multitools, folding knives, handgun magazines, or any combination thereof. The Maxpedition Double Sheath can be carried upright or sideways on belt or attached to your Maxpedition backpack as an accessory. The length of the lid on the Maxpedition double sheath is fully adjustable with internal Velcro attachments for longer items. These velcro attachments are completely removable for those who want the quickest access possible.

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