MaxPedition 8001F JANUS Extension Pocket Foliage Green (Compact Storage Pocket Splices into 2in. Shoulder or Waist Straps) MX8001F

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MaxPedition 8001F JANUS Extension Pocket, Foliage Green. The JANUS is a two-faced pocket, one side features loop fields for ID patches while the other side has PALS webbing to accept modular accessories. An adjustable and removable strap allows user to decide which side should face forward and whether the opening points to the left or right. The JANUS splices into 2" shoulder straps or waist straps using compatible quick release buckle components, providing additional storage for most customers or elongating a fully extended shoulder/waist strap for larger folks. The extension strap can also be completely removed and used independently of the pouch. The pouch too can be used independently by modular attachment to PALS webbing using a pair of long Tac-Ties(also with either side facing outwards, opening left or right).

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