Boker Magnum John Bailey Zeil Throwing Knife 3 Piece Set (13.25 Inches Overall) Leather Sheath 02MB164

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Boker 02MB164 Magnum Bailey Zeil Throwing Knife, 3 Piece Set. Set of 3 Bailey Ziel throwing knives in a convenient 3-compartment leather belt sheath.

This is the throwing knife that all professional and tournament throwers have been asking for. John Bailey's Ziel throwing knife is perfectly balanced for both handle and blade throwing, delivering maximum penetration in all types of competition targets. This is the best tournament grade production throwing knife made in decades. The Ziel Knife is made of super tough 1/4 thick 420J2 stainless steel and has an overall length of 13 1/4 and weight of 14 oz., which meets or exceeds all the requirements of most knife throwing clubs. The Ziel Knife comes with a genuine leather sheath with tie.