MaxPedition 9903B TacTie 3 Inch (Pack of 4) Black MX9903B

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MaxPedition 9903B TacTie 3 Inch Pack of 4, Black. Maxpedition 3" Tac-Ties use Maxpedition's patent pending TacTie Attachment Strap system which can integrate accessory pockets onto packs, vests, MOLLE equipment and PALS surfaces effortlessly in an interlocking manner. Maxpedition's closed loop design provides an extremely secure connection. Once properly engaged, a TacTie strap will not open unless deliberately disengaged by the user. Detachment is quick and easy by hand. There is no need to use special tools. Once the pouch is detached from the pack, the TacTie straps remain secured on the pouch so they are not misplaced or lost. These Maxpedition Tac Ties work seamlessly with all current and past Maxpedition products. These TacTies also work with your existing MOLLE pouches by other manufacturers. They are completely reusable and interchangeable, are not affected by heat or cold, and will never corrode. Maxpedition 3 inch Tac-Ties are available in 4 colors to match your gear and come in a pack of 4.

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