Victorinox Swiss Army Large Zermatt Knife Pouch w/ Mini Sharpening Steel (Fits 84mm or 91mm Pocket Tool) Brown Leather 4.1099.16 (Old Sku 33208)

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This elegant and practical all leather pouch is designed for your multi-tool. This rugged Large Leather Zermatt Pouch by Victorinox is a lightweight and stylish way to carry your Victorinox Swiss Army knife with you. The detailed, genuine leather case has a snap closure to keep your multi-tool securely inside and a sharpening steel on the side to make sure your knives are always at their sharpest.

The following 91mm knives fit comfortably into the Large Leather Zermatt Pouch: Altimeter, Altimeter Plus, Angler, Climber, CyberTool 29, Deluxe Tinker, Explorer, Explorer Plus, Fieldmaster, Fisherman, Huntsman, Huntsman Plus, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Super Tinker, Timekeeper, Voyager.

The included pocket size miniature sharpening steel rod (a $20 value!) has a round fine cut which is made from the same material and undergoes the same processes as Victorinox's famous professional Sharpening Steels. It is perfect for pocket carry to keep your knife edges tuned and razor sharp in the field or on the go!

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