Victorinox Watermelon Slicing Knife (12 Inch Blade) Black Fibrox Handle 7.6058.10 (Old Sku 40286)

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Victorinox Forschner 40286 Watermelon Knife, 12 Inch Blade, Black Polypropylene Handle. The Victorinox 40286 Watermelon Knife is the perfect blade for cutting up mouth-watering sections of watermelon. Nothing says summer like the juicy red fruit and nothing cuts through that summer sensation better than a proper watermelon knife. The 12 inch stamped blade of the Victorinox 40286 is superbly suited for powering through the thick outer shell to let you get to the succulent deliciousness inside. Equipped with a black polypropylene handle that fits comfortably in your hand, this watermelon knife is a great blade to have handy when the summer months roll around.  This slicing knife was previously advertised under SKU 40286.