Victorinox Chefs Slotted Fish Turner (3x6 Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Turner) Walnut Handle 7.6259.10 (Old Sku 40415)

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Victorinox Forschner 40415 Chefs Slotted Fish Turner 3x6 Inch, Wood Handle. Flip your fish with the Victorinox 40435 Fish Turner and never again endure the stress caused by an unsuccessfully flipped dish. The slanted design of the 3 inch by 6 blade makes it easier to get under product, and the slots allow liquids and juices to drain through while you cook. The walnut handle is comfortable and lightweight to work with, and the 1 year warranty is incentive enough to buy this turner without hesitation. Comes equipped with a hanging tag for easy storage. Pick up your fish turner and bring the tried-and-tested performance and reliability of Victorinox to your kitchen!