Victorinox Butcher Knife Yellow (10 Inch Straight Edge High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade) Yellow Fibrox Handle 5.7408.25 (Old Sku 40472)

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The Victorinox 40472 Butcher Knife is a powerhouse player whether you're using it in a bustling restaurant kitchen or in your home as a complementary piece to your home processing kit. The go-to blade for sectioning out small portions from a larger cut, the butcher knife is a tried and true tool that not only served early mountain men in the wild, but has been tweaked and perfected over the years to tackle the toughest commercial kitchen tasks. Great for almost any meat processing application! The Victorinox 40472 Butcher Knife comes equipped with a patented yellow Fibrox handle that is slip-resistant when wet. At 10 inches from tip to handle, and stamped for a lighter, thinner blade, this butcher knife is just the right size for any member of your kitchen staff!