Victorinox Boning Knife (5 Inch Straight Narrow Flexible Blade) Black Fibrox Handle 5.6413.12 (Old Sku 40512)

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Victorinox Forschner 5641312 Boning Knife, 5 Inch Straight Narrow Flexible Blade, Black Fibrox Handle. Perfectly suited for accurate cuts, the Victorinox VN5641312 boning knife is small and lightweight while still providing the high-quality performance you've come to expect from Victorinox. At only 5 inches long from tip to handle, the straight flexible blade is short and narrow making it superbly suited for smaller poultry and fish. Stamped construction provides a thinner, lighter blade, and the small black Fibrox handle is slip-resistant when wet to help you avoid unwanted slips and mistakes. Built to last and proven to perform, the Victorinox 40512 boning knife is an all around excellent addition to any cutlery set. Previously advertised as item# VN40512.