Victorinox Chefs Knife (7.5 Long x 1.5 Inch Wide High Carbon Stainless Blade) Black Fibrox Handle 5.2003.19 (Old Sku 40523)

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Victorinox Forschner 40523 Chefs Knife, 7.5 Inch Blade, 1.5 Inches Wide at Black Fibrox Handle. The Victorinox 5200319 7.5 inch Chef's Knife is meant to perform well through a wide variety of kitchen tasks. If you're slicing sections of meat, chopping an array of vegetables, or mincing fresh herbs the chef's knife can get the job done in both the hands of an up-and-coming student chef or a skilled and seasoned professional. Stamped construction provides a lighter, thinner blade, and a straight edge makes it easy to smoothly rock the knife for a more precise cut. The black Fibrox handle is slip resistant when wet, helping prevent unsavory kitchen mishaps and mistakes. At 7 1/2 inches long tip to handle, and equipped with all the features that make this style of knife so popular, this Victorinox blade is an excellent addition to any cutlery set.