Victorinox Flank and Shoulder Knife (8 Inch Stiff High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade) Black Fibrox Handle 5.5503.20 (Old Sku 40534)

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Victorinox Forschner 40534 Flank and Shoulder Knife, 8 Inch Stiff Blade, Black Fibrox Handle. Great for continuous use, the Victorinox 40534 Flank Knife is built to deliver consistent performance and quality results every time. Equipped with an 8 inch stiff blade, this knife is perfect for deep cuts and strong, even strokes. Excellent for powering through pounds of meat and creating scrumptious flank steaks in no time! Stamped construction provides a thinner, lighter blade while a patented black Fibrox handle is slip resistant when wet to help avoid accidents. Made with the consistency and quality that has made Victorinox a trusted source for reliable blades, the 40534 Flank Knife is a welcome addition to any kitchen cutlery set.