Victorinox Serrated Offset Sandwich Knife (9 Inch Wavy Edge High Carbon Stainless Blade) Black Polypropylene Handle 7.6058.13 (Old Sku 40550)

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Victorinox Forschner 40550 Offset Sandwich Knife, 9 Inch Wavy Edge Blade, Black Polypropylene Handle. With the Victorinox 40550 offset bread knife you can easily power through loaves and slices of any style of bread. Perfect for any kitchen! This 9 inch blade features stamped construction for a thinner, lighter knife, and the serrated edge allows for a quick and almost effortless cut. The offset blade design makes it possible to slice all the way through product without running your knuckles along the cutting surface. Confidently add this high-quality bread knife to your kitchen crew's culinary kit today!