Victorinox Melon Baller (Double 25mm and 22mm High Carbon Stainless Steel Scoops) Plastic Nylon Handle 7.6163 (Old Sku 40897)

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Victorinox Forschner 40897 Melon Baller Double Plastic Nylon Handle 6.625 Inches. For uniformly shaped melon to add for garnish, salads and appetizers, look no further than Victorinox's Stainless Steel Melon Baller (40897). The double headed design allows you to scoop round balls of either 25 or 22 millimeters. A small hole on each head makes it easy to remove fruit from the scoops. The black polypropylene handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. An excellent way to compliment your cutlery kit, the Victorinox 40897 Double Melon Baller brings efficiency and performance to any kitchen! Previously advertised as VN40897, 40897 and VN7.6163.

Made by Victorinox, the manufacturer of the original Swiss Army Knife, this melon baller comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and craftsmanship.