Victorinox Nylon Paring Knife Sheath w/ Pocket/Belt Clip (for Blades up to 4.5 Inches Long) (Old Sku 40993) 7.0893.1

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Victorinox VN40993 7.0893.1 Nylon Paring Knife Sheath, for 3.25-4.50 Inch Blades. Victorinox's Nylon Paring Knife Pouch (40993) compatible with paring knives with blade lengths of up to 4.50 Inches. The black nylon pouch features an integrated clip for attaching your knife to your belt or pocket. This durable sheath can be easily attached via its built-in clip making it easy to carry a paring knife. Victorinox offers a warranty against all material and workmanship defects.