Victorinox Paring Knife (4 Inch Spear Point Stainless Steel Plain Blade) Large Blue Polypropylene Handle 5.0702.S (Old Sku 42605)

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Victorinox Forschner 42605 Paring Knife, Blue Nylon Handle, 4 Inch Blade. The second most useful knife in professional kitchens, the paring knife is versatile and perfect for tasks that require precision. Spear point paring knives are excellent for peeling, slicing small produce, removing stems or corn on the cob and other tasks that require a small blade. Victorinox's 4" Paring Knife (42605) has a large blue propylene handle and an edge that is conically ground length and crosswise for a wider break point. This gives the blade superior durability and resistance to fracturing. Victorinox laser tests all their blades to ensure world renowned sharpness that is backed by a lifetime warranty.