Victorinox Culinary Knife Storage Case (Holds up to 13 Knives 14 Inches Long) Black Polyester 7.4012.3 (Old Sku 44904)

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Victorinox Forschner 44904 Knife Storage Case, Black Polyester, Holds up to 13 Knives 14 Inches Long. For students and working professionals in need of superior knife storage and transportation, look no further than Victorinox's Polyester Knife Roll (44904). Made of ultra-durable black polyester with PVC lining for water resistance, this knife roll offers excellent protection for your tools in a soft and comfortable case. This roll is capable of holding 13 knives up to 14" in blade length of any shape or style in double stitched pockets that are elasticized to hold them securely in place. Additional pockets provide storage for accessories, gloves and other tools. A shoulder strap and business card holder are included. Two Velcro straps easily adjust in size to fasten the roll closed. This knife roll comes with a lifetime warranty.