Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker Multi-Tool Pocketknife (91mm / 3.5 Inch Closed) Red Cellidor Handle VN1.4613-033-X1 (Old Sku 53831)

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Victorinox Swiss Army 53831 Hiker Red, 91mm. The Victorinox Swiss Army 53831 Hiker knife is the ideal companion for ambitious mountain hikers. For long treks through the forest or short walks in the woods, the 3 1/2" Hiker has everything you'll need. Like all Swiss Army Knives, the Hiker carries a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements and unsurpassed Swiss-made quality and durability.


  1. Large blade
  2. Small blade
  3. Philips screwdriver
  4. Cap lifter
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Wire stripper
  7. Reamer with sewing eye
  8. Key ring inox
  9. Tweezers
  10. Toothpick
  11. Wood saw