Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool X Multi-Tool (4.5 Inches 105mm Closed) Includes Nylon Belt Pouch 3.0327.U-X1 (Old Sku 53936)

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Victorinox Swiss Army 53936 SwissTool X. The Victorinox SwissTool X by Victorinox is a multi-tool at its best. It's superior quality and performance are evident the first time you pick it up. The SwissTool X packs 29 features - including full-size pliers - which can be opened directly from the outside of the handle, without first having to open the pliers. Individual springs hold each tool in place, so you can easily access only the tool you want to use. The rugged stainless steel Victorinox SwissTool X comes with a nylon belt pouch.


  1. Needlenose pliers
  2. Screwdriver 2mm
  3. Screwdriver 3mm
  4. Wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
  5. Cap lifter
  6. Screwdriver 5mm
  7. Screwdriver 7.5mm
  8. Large PlainEdge blade
  9. Crate opener
  10. Metal file
  11. Metal saw
  12. Wood saw
  13. Reamer
  14. Philips Screwdriver
  15. Scissors
  16. Chisel
  17. Wire bender
  18. Wire stripper
  19. Wire scraper
  20. Wire Crimper
  21. Can opener
  22. Hard wire cutter
  23. Lanyard hole
  24. Lock release
  25. Ruler cm/inches
  26. Nylon pouch