Victorinox Swiss Army Outrider Multi-Tool Lockblade Pocket Knife (4.37 in. | 111mm Closed) Red Cellidor Handle 0.8513-X1 (Old Sku 54731)

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Victorinox Swiss Army 54731 Outrider Lockblade Red, 111mm. Taking the Swiss Army Lockblade collection to the next level is not an easy task, but the Outrider is up for the challenge. Features include an ergonomic handle, large locking blade and three screwdrivers making the Outrider the ultimate all-purpose pocket tool. As with all Swiss Army Knives, the Outrider carries a lifetime warranty, stainless steel blades and unsurpassed Swiss-made quality and durability.


  1. Large Locking Blade
  2. Corkscrew
  3. Can Opener with Small Screwdriver
  4. Bottle Opener with Large Screwdriver and Wire Stripper
  5. Reamer with Sewing Eye
  6. Key Ring
  7. Tweezers
  8. Toothpick
  9. Wood Saw
  10. Scissors
  11. Long, Small Phillips Screwdriver